Our Design

Masterplan Design Intent

The layout of the buildings at TCPS create a cohesive environment that brings together school and community facilities. Learning Communities are strategically placed to create a Central Plaza, as well as a strong civic presence at the main entrances to the school.

Central Plazas are designed as a place for learning, playing, sport and social interactions. Outside of school hours Plazas are able to become event spaces for the whole community, capable of supporting community education, social gatherings and meetings.

The strong relationship between the indoor and outdoor environments throughout our school provides opportunities for students to engage with the school as a whole, and to choose the spaces that best suit their activities and interests.



Pedagogy and the Learning Environment

Contemporary pedagogy is characterised by an emphasis on personalisation, active investigation and inquiry, collaboration and growth towards self-management and self-direction within a supportive learning environment.

The pedagogy of the our schools is supported by the learning environment through a learning centred model, involving ease of flow between a variety of learning and teaching modes, as realised through a variety of Learning Settings and spaces. A variety of learning settings from the traditional didactic to settings that support inquiry, self-expression and problem solving can encourage learning in a variety of group sizes from individual to small, large and very large groups.