Learning Communities

Torquay Coast Primary School’s educational philosophy and pedagogy are supported by the learning spaces. The Learning Communities aim to assist individuals to develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive and participate in a complex and challenging 21st Century society. This approach to learning requires the development of the whole person.

The Learning Communities at Torquay Coast Primary School provide students with spaces that support inquiry driven learning and targeted teaching in small groups as students learn to manage their own learning and contribute to their Learning Communities.

Students are encouraged to grow in independence, self-direction and self-knowledge as learners.

The variety of spaces available in the Learning Community provides students with spaces to participate in:

  • Creative activities/imaginative play
  • Rehearsal and performance in the Arts
  • Structured and individual tasks free from collaboration
  • Meetings involving dialogue and inquiry
  • Small meetings
  • Self-directed learning
  • Whole group instruction
  • presentations
  • Small group tasks
  • Free form collaboration.